The Firm’s practice in Energy Law is led by its Principal, ‘Yemi Akisanya, who retired after 21 years, as Senior Counsel/Company Secretary of Mobil Producing Nigeria, a major ExxonMobil subsidiary. He spent 31/2 of those years as International Transactions Counsel in the company’s Head Office, E & P Division in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

In his over 20 years as Legal Counsel to Mobil Producing Nigeria, our Principal was exposed to and had the opportunity to be engaged in all aspects of Upstream and Mid-Stream Petroleum Operations and transactions with great interface with industry service providers at all levels. The Firm places this invaluable and uncommon experience at the disposal of its Clients, especially the indigenous operators and service companies, assisting them to achieve optimum exploitation of the opportunities available under the relevant laws and regulations.

The Firm practices in both upstream and downstream sectors of the industry, including legal advice and support to Clients in oil and gas exploration and production, oil and natural gas pipelines, coal mining, production and exploitation, regulated utilities and all parts of the electric power industry. The Firm’s expertise in every aspect of the business, operations and taxation of the Oil and Gas Industry, (Upstream, Downstream and Midstream), including Independent Power Projects, is coupled with a vast network and a remarkable reach at all levels of public and private sectors of the industry.

Our Principal has vast experience in dealing with oil producing area Host communities, honed over 15 years of doing this as an IOC in-house counsel.  This uniquely positions the Firm assist Clients in mediating and negotiating effective solutions, settlements and agreements with said communities and interest groups.