In all of its dealings with clients, the Firm’s strength has been its demonstrated ability to initiate and/or support innovative transactions and out-of-the-box solutions specifically structured and adapted to meet clients’ individual needs and peculiar circumstances.

The firm has extended the “out-of-the-box” outlook and policy in its approach to dispute resolution. For this reason, we have developed a strong focus on Mediation and Conciliation as a medium of dispute resolution. Our basic strategy is to aggressively prosecute or defend your case while maintaining an open line of communication that seeks to identify opportunities for settlement, without prejudice to the client’s case.

The key objective is cost effectiveness versus value, rather than a fight for its sake. In all cases, we seek to identify the strength of our clients case at law and in equity and use all prudent means to arrive at a conclusion at once. In adopting this approach, we have had several dealings with clients who after a bitter tussle between their partners, intended to break out of a business relationship. With our intervention, such cases were settled, leaving both the client and other parties concerned at an agreeable state.