The firm is involved with assisting and developing new ventures, from the area of development to financing. In carrying out these functions, we have acted as Legal Advisers to a major private university proprietor in major land acquisition, finance and development. We have also acted as Legal Advisers and Counsel to the Capital and Trusts arm of a leading Bank in Nigeria, in a $6,930,000 (six million, nine hundred and thirty thousand US Dollars) financing for an Indian owned company by Banks in India and the United Kingdom.

The firm has also been engaged as Counsel and Legal Advisers to UK incorporated and based companies in an integrated Tourism Development Project, proposed to be set up in Abuja. We worked with our clients and their financial advisers to develop an innovative financing structure consisting hybrid schemes and other multi-tenancies that would generate a variety of significant revenue streams. These schemes included, inter alia, core services like marketing, security, waste management and goods supplies. Detailed projections from these revenue streams formed the basis of appropriate project financing collateralisation enabling the project sponsors to get necessary financing and credit commitments.